Monday, September 22, 2008

Hair update

My appointment is tomorrow at 7:45 pm. Thanks to those who gave me their opinions, both on the bloggy blog and to my face (or ear). I am looking forward to something new and hopefully it won't be a disaster. You know how you see someone with cute hair and you want to copy them, but then you realize that their hair is cute because of the way that they look. I don't look like Katie Holmes, so I hope her hair on my head doesn't look absurd. I will post a picture after the big event.


Guy Mayhem said...

After you get your haircut, come to New York and see All My Sons with Katie Holmes in it and you can compare hairs!

I think this is a very worthwhile reason for coming to New York.

Valerie said...

Again, I'm in favor of the hair cut, but not in favor of them sucking out your soul between the shampoo and conditioner.
Make sure you say that right away, otherwise they just do whatever they want.

Shiloh said...

It won't be a disaster. I base that on nothing. There you have it. Good luck. I look forward to the pics.