Sunday, September 21, 2008

I need a change

and I am thinking of doing this with my hair. I need some feedback. And no, Valerie, hopefully the haircut won't come with that creepy, brainwashed look.


skumar said...

love it! not sure about the bangs though.

Yodasmom said...

I am thinking you would be gorgeouser...and I like the bangs.

Shiloh said...

Number one: regardless her craziness and weirdness and craziness with the creepiness and all, she has fabulous hair
Number two: I think you are way cuter than her
Number three: I love this hair cut
Number three again: I love the bangs
Number four: Your husband is way more handsome and way more not crazy than her husband
Number five: I think this hair cut would be perfect for you.
Number five, oh wait, six I mean: the bangs would be easy to deal with on days you didn't want them, they are long enough to clip back or to the side.
Number seven: WARNING you would probably have to committ to straightening your hair everday, but it is a cute hair cut, and I think worth it.

Christa said...

OOoo you would look awesome with that hair.

Ana said...

um, wow, I agree with most of the things that shiloh said.. well, all of them. I did think about the whole straightening your hair every day. That will get old.. trust me.

Guy Mayhem said...

NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Don't do it!!!!!!

Was that the response you were looking for? It looks awesome, of course you should do it. And I love bangs, I think they're so hip and I think bangs would look cool on you.

There is the straightening everyday but you can just teach Jack to do it. That wouldn't be dangerous at all.