Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Dear Anonymous Republican Guy,
Look, of course I think you're wrong, just like you think that I'm wrong (I'm not, by the way, you are). Please do not talk to me like I am stupid. Do not assume that I'm not educated on the issues. I am. I have major problems with being talked down to for any reason and especially for the way I choose to vote. It's my right, it's your right--back off. It's not going to matter how many times you try to tell me that poor people are only poor because they choose to be poor, or that it's not our business that thousands of people are losing their jobs because companies decide to go "overseas", or we shouldn't have to give health care to people that can't afford it because they probably aren't working or even trying to get a job--I don't agree with you. I will never agree with you.
You think all poor people are poor because they are too lazy to get a job and why should you pay taxes to help those "lazy poor people". Are you kidding me?! I'm sorry, but that is atrocious. You said I need to get off the socialist bandwagon and research the issues. Please don't assume to know anything about me, especially my personal and/or political views. I'm not a fan of being spoken to like I must not know as much as you do. Oh, I know dude, I just think you're mistaken. I'm sorry if you think I'm smug. I think you're condescending and closed-minded. So, I guess we can just agree to disagree.


Ana said...

Um, who pissed you off? I must know this story. On a purely political note though... I'm "republican" and I don't think that we shouldn't help the poor. I think that the programs could be better though about not keeping people poor, as they do now. Something has to change...

Mandy Stewart said...

prior to this post I noticed from some of the comments on your facebook that you were for Obama.... I think you should blog about some of the things you like about him and what you feel he will accomplish. Since I think he will probably win I want to know what good I have to look forward to. As of now I am voting republican mainly because I am terrified of some of the "liberal views" people have out there and try to stick with the more conservative outlooks. But I agree we need a CHANGE so... enlighten me! I would love to hear your opinion!

Guy Mayhem said...

Oh, snap, Annie. You know I will go to bat with you on this kind of stuff. That guy was ridiculous. I'm sorry that I couldn't comment on his stupid little page. I would have torn him a new one.

Which...isn't Christian behavior and I know I shouldn't do but I really, really wanted to.

Shiloh said...

you should know....i reserved a rental car to come to your house for thanksgiving. you should also know, i think its a republican. it may be of some interest for you to know, it probably gets good gas mileage (35mpg) because we chose a small inexpensive car to save on costs. you may also like to be aware that the rental car may or may not stop at a walmart somewhere along the way. (i wanted to make this comment both political and informative. i hope i achieved that)