Thursday, November 13, 2008

"A Weal Wed Wagon!"

We currently live in the basement apartment of this house:

It sits on a beautiful, tree-lined, private street in Raleigh

It has a huge yard with a jungle gym in the back for Jack to play on. They also have a riding lawn mower that he and Ben use to, well, mow the lawn. There are all kinds of things for Jack to do here, which is really wonderful. We have had tons of fun exploring the neighborhood. This is one of Ben and Jack's favorite new activities:


Ana said...

That's better than a fair ride! I want a turn! How long does it take for them to come back up the mountain?

Oh, and I thought that it was appropriate that my word verification word right now is...


Shiloh said... can we all take a turn in the red wagon with ben when we come in a week-ish? if so, this thanksgiving is going to kick some serious a**!!!!

Kresta said...

Kevin is wishing he lived by Ben. And that he had a red wagon.

gk risser said...

This looks a bit like paradise to me.