Thursday, January 22, 2009


Look at me. Holding my kid. No gown, No gloves.

A challenge:
Try to refrain from hugging and kissing someone you love a whole bunch for four days. Ok, don't do it. Just believe me, it is super duper hard.

So, we are still here. Life has been uneventful, which is good. Lila has started to feel tired a lot. She is just not her usual super smiley self. I guess she can't be happy ALL the time, although I was starting to think she could. Right now she is slapping her knees and saying "Bababaaaaaaaa". I think she's currently feeling alright.
Transplant day is tomorrow. It is also a pretty uneventful...event. It is basically like a blood transfusion that smells like an italian restaurant. I guess the preservative they use when they freeze stem cells, cord blood, etc. smells like stewed tomatoes and garlic. Weird, I know. I wonder if Lila will have an aversion to Olive Garden for the rest of her life.
In other news, it snowed here on Tuesday. Jack was beyond excited to frolic in the freshly fallen powder, so we got him all bundled up and out he went. 20 minutes later, he was done. Didn't want to go back out again. He did, however, make a pretty rad, albeit small snowman.


Guy Mayhem said...

I was thinking about throwing snowballs with Jack the other day. I threw one at a bus in honor of him. An old hispanic lady gave me the stink eye.

Mandy Stewart said...

Wow I hadn't realized The extent of craziness you all were going through till I read your last few entries. Thanks for sharing your experiences. She is so amazingly happy for what she is going through. And you sound the opposite of debbie downer. I am sure we aren't seeing it all. I am glad it is going as good as it is. I know this can not be easy. Who watches lil Jack while you are there? HOw old is Lila. She looks like my baby's age so her lil pictures in her gown hit home a bit. I just can't imagine. You are so strong. Hang in there!

Shiloh said...

was she slapping her knee because you told a good joke. she was probably being sarcastic. like daughter like mother, or however that saying goes.

the meyersons said...

To be honest, I've never met little Lila and I just love her to pieces. Also, that's pretty much the most professionally made snowman I've seen. I'm thinking he could really go somewhere with this.

Hang in there with everything.