Friday, January 16, 2009

note to readers

i am kind-of dedicating my blog to lila's transplant for the time being (in case it wasn't already obvious). i am going to do my best not to be debbie downer (wa waaaaaaaaa) all the time, but i just wanted to give fair warning that it might be a bit of a suckfest for a while. we have a lot of people who want to know what is going on, and i just can't have that many phone conversations--sorry. i really just want to have good documentation of this time in our lives and when lila is an obnoxious teenager, i want her to know what an awesome little lady she was. thanks to everyone who has been asking about, thinking and praying for lila and a special shout out to those raising money for the pediatric brain tumor foundation and cancer research.


Kresta said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. We will check back often. Still praying for you all. Love you.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the suckfest! So far, it sounds like things are going great! Lila has a great attitude! (Maybe she should be writing this blog!) No, but even if you think it's a suckfest, I'm totally glad you're keeping us posted. I check all the time and wanna know how things are going!