Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back in the O-O-OR

Lila is having some updates. She had surgery to get a g-tube put in and her central line removed. Here's a explanation in pictures for your viewing pleasure and Lila's eventual embarrassment:

See that ugly thing coming out of her nose?

It is now replaced with this.
(There is a lot of extra tape and stuff on her right now. The g-tube is just that little, rectangular, white piece with the tube attached. It goes directly into her tummy).

She also got this removed.

I no longer have to worry about blood squirting all over my house. FYI: It never happened. If you recall, I just feared it might. She is a bit unhappy to be back in her old stomping grounds on 5200 and I can't blame her really. I imagine getting stabbed in your gut doesn't feel awesome. It will, however, be soooooo much better and easier to deal with in the long run. We should be going home tomorrow or Thursday. Let's hope for tomorrow.


Mandy Stewart said...

Poor girl... I bet she cried the second she saw the building. I have to say she wore that tube well!

mnmsalyer said...

Woo hoo for no central line!

I agree that she wears her tubes and lines well, though we're all praying for the day when she will no longer need any of them.