Thursday, March 26, 2009


The boy needed a haircut. Bad. So, we did it and now I think he looks like he's about to graduate from high school.

Requests have been pouring in for a picture of the girl with hair on her head. The darkness is not a shadow above her head, but about an eighth of an inch (that's probably generous) of lovely blackish locks. I really don't think I need to mention the eyebrows as I am sure they are the first thing you noticed. Thanks, Ben.

In other news, Ben is out of town this week. Jack is going, going, going non-stop all day long. Lila has a post-transplant MRI tomorrow. I am barely alive. I have an entire weekend to wait for the results of aforementioned brain scan. Awesome.

p.s. please pray for an MRI with only a brain in it. thanks.


Valerie said...

We (my boyfriend, me, and James) can't be live how big Jack is. He looks like a real kid now. When did this happen.

lindsey said...

Both of the hair pics are so cute....and wishing and hoping for ONLY good news from the MRI.

Good luck this weekend!

Candice Jenkins said...

Sure love ya. Sending positive vibes your way.

skumar said...

Jack looks like a REAL BOY!

Anonymous said...

I want my baby Jack back!!