Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sickness and Complaining

We've all been sick. Everyone. Luckily it's not cancer this time, but merely a cold. Jack started it and where he got it, I can't say for certain. He was sniffling and coughing for a day or two and then thought it would be super funny to put Lila's pacifier in his mouth, then give it back to her. I was apparently not quick enough to stop that minor catastrophe. The very next day, Lila had a runny nose, which I kinda expected. I did not, however, expect the 101.5 fever that she had when she woke up from her afternoon nap. Anything over 100.4 and I have to call the hospital.
A very short time later, Lila and I are at the clinic getting her an antibiotic and some tylenol. Besides being pink cheeked and having a hot little bald head, she seemed fine. They didn't end up admitting us, much to my surprise and enjoyment though we did have to go back to clinic on Saturday for more drugs. Luckily, she's fine. No major setbacks from the shared binky fiasco.
That night at about 1:00 am, Jack comes in saying that his tummy hurts, so Ben lets him climb in bed with us for a little while. A short time later, we wake to the unmistakable sound of Jack throwing up all over our bed, the floor, Ben, and himself. Just like the old barf pros that we are, we split up to do all the necessary procedures: strip the bed, wash the sheets, bathe the child, clean the carpets, etc...Still not sure what the vomit was all about, as it is not generally a cold symptom.
Ben and I of course got sick the next day at the exact same moment and have felt pretty crappy ever since. Ben also just got over feeling yucky from his surgery (which did also involve some puke). We have doped up on nighttime Tylenol Cold and when we ran out of that, Nyquil. Basically anything that will knock us out at night. Look, I try really hard not to complain (all the time), but for the love can we catch a freaking break here?! I would like my child to be able to grow a new immune system without having to fight a cold that will probably take her weeks to get over seeing as how she is lacking the aforementioned immune system. I wash my hands so much that my skin is cracking and I am probably giving my son a complex about whether his hands are clean enough. There is something really cute and also really sad about a three year old saying, "I'll go wash my hands so I can play with Yaya". I just want to be able to take my kid somewhere other than the hospital and to do that I need her to be healthy long enough for her body to heal itself.
So, I think we are getting better. Slowly. Did I mention that I am going to Florida to run a half marathon this weekend? What's that? You want to know how I am going to do that when I have been sick and have had no time to train because I have lived at the hospital for a month? Yeah, I dunno either.


Amanda said...

You can do it by walking with me. Running is highly over rated.

Jeff and Stacey said...

good luck in your half marathon!! THat sounds fun:) I hope you all get to feeling better soon:)

Ana said...

I like your vomit picture better than mine... next time maybe? Why did you not tell me any of this? Am I that crappy of a friend that I only spoke of myself and didn't listen to your sickness woes? Why is this whole comment about me? Good to see you today... see, that was about you. Good luck this weekend!

Beckstrand's said...

are you and sarah planning on coming to the happily ever after party after our little jaunt? it's going to be a rockin' good time. you can do it, remember you're an old pro at running 1/2 marathons

TnAHurst said...

I dont know if you've heard but we are back at primary cos mel was puking but so far since getting here is doing better. I just wanted to say you are so strong and I wanted some pointers from the 'pro' that you are:) good luck being healthy and I know when it rains it pours

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