Sunday, April 26, 2009

Joggin for Noggins*

Saturday was the Angels Among Us 5K. It's the annual fundraiser for the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke--got all that? The whole Howington clan and a few friends, namely my awesome friend Jessica (who came all the way from Austin) joined us bright and early for the big event. We had a small number and no team shirt with a clever pun about brains, so needless to say Lila's Team was a little disorganized this year. We plan to change that next year. I wanted to thank everyone who donated to the brain tumor center on behalf of Lila's Team. I can assure you the money will go to an excellent cause.
An excellent cause:

Lila is fashionably sporting the "survivor bandana". The bandana worn by brain tumor survivors. Pretty self explanatory I suppose.

Lila was the youngest survivor there.

This is Dr. Gururangan, Lila's Oncologist. He's incredible.

*Joggin for Your Noggin will be the name of the 5K that my aforementioned friend Jessica is organizing in Austin next Spring. Money raised will be donated to The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Thanks for name idea Andy!


Susanna said...

she's so yummy.

Sara said...

yo annie,
we will be in houston by next spring and will definitely run that 5K in austin!!! I just ran a 10k a few weeks ago, it was kinda painful, fun times. your daughter is so cute. So fun that jessica could come to visit you, that must have been a blast. peace.

Mandy Stewart said...

Hey Annie! I walked in the Relay4life night they had hear at our highschool... and pondered all night about the many people I have seen fight cancer. I definatly was thinking of Lila you and your fam!
You guys are so strong. I miss ya and hope to be with ya next year in Austin!