Thursday, May 21, 2009


Jackson Cy Howington,
You are four--crazy. It's been an adventure learning how to be a mom with you. I guess the first child is always the experimental one. I pray that you don't hold a grudge. You may look like your dad, but I am certain you act like me--not the 4 year old me, but the now me. Which may explain why I think you are brilliant and also why you can make me crazy.

I think you are funny and smart and ridiculously stubborn. You are the best big brother ever. Thank you for being such a rock star this last year. You amazed me with your compassion and bravery. Life is hard to understand sometimes, but you handled it like a pro. Party it up today Buddy!
I love you,


Susanna said...

Wow. Four? That doesn't seem possible. For some unexplainable reason it made me kind of weepy.

Here's to being four. Happy Birthday Jack.

Yodasmom said...

Yeah Jack....I can't believe you are four and so smart, briliantly funny and yes, the cutest four year old on the continent if not the world. Hope your day was fun and that you got loads of presents and's mine to you from TuTu XXXXOOOOXXXX

Jaggers Brain said...

Yeah!!! Jack is awesome. I can't believe he's four though!!

Shiloh said...

is he going to chucky cheese again? because seriously, i would advise against that. the games may be fun, but the pizza is overpriced and made of cardboard. you remember. so you left for NC the next day and never came back. i don't know whether to be happy for jack or sad for you being uprooted a year ago. i guess both. Huzzah

Michelle Judd said...

Time sure does fly! Jack sure is a cutie. Love you all!