Friday, May 15, 2009


I have, many times over the last year, asked Jack what he remembers about living in NYC. Most of the time he responds with a blank stare or a complete change of subject. I was certain that the memories were quickly fading and he would soon have no recollection of living in the city. I was sad. Really sad.
Yesterday we were reading this

and we got to 'S is for subway'. Jack turns to me and says, "I used to ride the F train. It's orange."



Yodasmom said...

Yes, it would be sad if he forgot it all. He was so cute walking to the chinese laundry crying "I am coming Ginket (blanket)and his knowledge of the subway system was unbelievable.

Shiloh said...

Good thing he remembers the F train. He can get to church and coney island easily enough. But I'm still not impressed. I mean, I leave NYC for a month and I still remember the F train and a whole bunch of other trains too. Does Jack-o still have ginket?

Valerie said...

Remember how Jack would always start giving us subway directions as we'd leave. It was always like, "the F train to the G train, to the bus", or something like that.
But then one day, he said, "the F train to the A train at Jay St", and it was amazing, because I was going to the west side.

Guy Mayhem said...

My favorite was when Jack and I would yell, "Get over here, Train!" when we'd be standing at the Smith-9th st stop. And every time we said it he would giggle.