Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Next Week

Lila's MRI

Jack starts pre-school

Baby's gender identified


Michelle Judd said...

WHAT?!! So I am apparently WAY out of the loop...YOUR'E PREGNANT?! Congrats!

TnAHurst said...

you're prego?!?! what?!?!? If you haven't heard Nancy, your sousin my sister in law is also! Congrats!!

Kresta said...

As long as the good outweighs the bad. Good luck with all three!

Marisa Hodges said...

congrats! that's great news so what is the gender of the 3rd? are you the type to keep it a secret until they are born?

Valerie said...

Lila's head looks weird in that x-ray.

Carol said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! That is exciting news!

Rachelle said...

how did i not know you were pregnant?!?! congrats girl!!! that's super exciting!

and yes, i believe insurance problems suck. so sorry. at least ben calls. i hate insurance.