Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things I did in NY

In no particular order:
-Listened to This American Life
-Watched So I Married an Axe Murderer on VHS
-Ate Coco Roco
-Walked in the rain
-Found at least 7 public places in Manhattan to pee
-Ate chocolate bread pudding from The Dessert Truck
-Watched Clue
-Went to the MoMA
-Shared a sno-cone
-Spent all afternoon at Prospect Park
-Ate delicious vegetables from Valerie's garden
-Spent too much money at Brooklyn Industries
-Played with cute kids that weren't mine
-Ate goat's milk ice cream
-Went on a subway ride to nowhere

Things I Didn't Do:
-Pay for transportation to and from the airport
-Feel guilty for abandoning Ben with our two small children
-Eat enough


Valerie said...

Ahhhhh, come back, already. We'll correct those wrongs. We'll do nothing BUT eat.

Valerie said...

Oh, and p.s.: get real, Annie. Those 7 public bathrooms was 1 day. ONE. Multiply that four times, lady.

Shiloh said...

you had to eat every 20 minutes, thats why you didn't get enough. its a ridiculous notion to think we could stop so frequently for you to eat. So what, are you prego or something??!?? Plus, the picture of Yaya in the sidebar in the tutu....perfect.

Guy Mayhem said...

So have you been swayed? Return. I have a rental agreement with the Ben's family. They've had their year. Now it's come back time. You don't want overdue charges do you? Do you?

Julie said...

this blog needs updating with more pics of my grandchildren.

BKStapf said...