Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Long Summer

It's been fun

but I am ready to move on.

Bring on the State Fair, Halloween, and a holiday dedicated entirely to eating.

This time last year we missed the fair because Lila was either in the hospital or too sick to leave the house.
Not this year, suckers.
We are definitely going and she may well vomit, but not from chemo.
From eating her weight in cotton candy and those big freakin' turkey legs--count on it.
I love Fall.


Rachelle said...

gotta love the fair! i missed ours here in blackfoot. but kelly took daphne and had himself a fried twinkie. yup, that's right - fried.

daphne stuck with the fries.

p.s. your kiddos are A-dorable!

Jeff and Stacey said...

I am excited for fall too!!! I am glad you are all healthy and well!

Valerie said...

Two things:

I'd like to see you eat Lila's weight in cotton candy. I'd even buy some of it.

That graphic of your "baby", the one that's inside of you, is just that. Graphic. It's creepy. Consider just the clock that counts down, instead.

Gail B said...

So cute family. im glad you're having another one too. Congratulations about that.

Anonymous said...

My babies are so cute..wet or dry. I miss them so much. I don't like fairs....I understand at the Texas state fair this year the new treat was fried butter. You have to love the idea of fried butter. I mean if you want to kill your heart, a gun works just as well.
Yeah! Nov. 7th is only 3 weeks away. Here comes TuTu and Poppa and presents and golf for Jack.