Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas '09er

In what seems to be turning into a Howington family tradition, I was up at 7 a.m. ready to party. I was alone. Ben wasn't even interested in getting up. Why do they pick the one day of the year when it's totally justified to be up at the butt crack of dawn to sleep in?
I took it upon myself to make some muffins (hold your applause, it was a Betty Crocker box) to kill some time. When the muffins were done and still no peep from upstairs, I went into the kids room and stared at Lila until she woke up.
Yeah, it may have freaked her out a bit, but I was tired of waiting.
"Oh, super, you're awake. Let's open some presents"

He seemed happy with his lot

The girl likes clothes

After our Christmas at home, we took the party over to Grandma's and there was more fun to be had and more presents to open.

New shades

Haircut or no? I'm undecided

It was a Merry Christmas indeed. Next year, we will be outnumbered...


Michelle Judd said...

Such cute kids! I say no to the haircut, he is too cute.

Donna said...

No haircut! He'll have the rest of his life to have a 'missionary cut'

Rachelle said...

um...your kids are adorable. please no haircut. i love his hair long!

merry Christmas!!!

Valerie said...

Your kids look surprisingly happy considering how creepily they were awakened. Jack looks so mature in these pictures. Like he's about to ask for the car keys, or call you to bail him out of jail.

Ah, youth.

Holly said...

I vote no on the haircut. I miss you guys!

Shiloh said...

1) you are creepy
2) no haircut, not yet anyways, he looks to cool for school, as it should be
3) applause for the muffins, lets face it, you deserve it, box or not