Friday, January 8, 2010

Goings on

(Note: Not our cat. Although, if it were, his name would be Mr. Meowington Howington)

Lila had another MRI that showed us there is only brain in her head. Although I hate doing them, it's an excellent reminder that I should never get too complacent. It's a miracle.

I just learned that I need to register Jack for kindergarten in about a month. What? He's going to kindergarten. Insane. I still remember him being 18 months old and saying "Dammit" for the first time. To the rescue came his good pal and mine, James, who taught him to say "Oh, Raspberries!" instead. Now he's off to school to learn a slew of bad words...

There are approximately three people in this world that I completely and utterly despise. I'm not a good person, nor have I ever really claimed to be, but I have never hated with quite this much passion before. I'm in the market for suggestions on how to deal with that.

I am having a baby. Soon. Most days I am more than ready. Some days I am terrified. Ben and I are nervous about being outnumbered. But we also know that few children could be harder than our last one. So bring it, baby.


Donna said...

ooh that cat is uber creepy!

Valerie said...

I'm pleased, as always, about the brain business.

Also, about the hating: just don't let it take it over your life. Then, he kinda wins, right? I mean, I hate him too, but, I want you to be happy more than I hate him.

Anyway, I'll just have to send the Taco Bell to you via the United States Post Office for the delivery of Alice.
(ugh, so gross)

Amanda said...

That cat is going to give me nightmares.