Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sew, I Got Bored

LOST is over.
Eclipse doesn't come out for another 11ish days.
So, I decided I needed a hobby.
I am not a seamstress, but I found these on a friend's blog and decided to give 'em a try.

Me and a couple other ladies worked until 1 a.m. on these and I only got 9 done.
We finished today.

I borrowed my niece's sewing machine.
Yeah, she's 9 and has one and I'm 29 and don't.

The main purpose of these is to keep the kids quiet during church.
They are backed with felt with the idea that they will stick to the church pews.
Let's hope they are successful.
On both counts.

The letters do not, in fact, stick to the pews.
They do, however, stick to those weird burlap walls in every Mormon church.
So, success.


Beckstrand's said...

These are adorable, but do you sit in the pews?

annie said...

i guess i should have put magnets in them.
that would have been helpful yesterday, shannon.

Diana said...

That would be a GREAT gift for your nephew. We need all the help we can get to keep him quiet during Sacrament.

okbushmans said...

Another 28 yr old without a sewing machine... and not quite sure how to work one! Therefore, I am VERY VERY impressed! They turned out great, and I love how each letter is different. Give yourself a pat on your back, you deserve it!

Emily and Olivia said...

While I am not brave enough to bring my kids into church (they get to play in the nursery), I am still seriously considering copying off of you........I own a VERY dusty sewing machine:)

Donna said...

Those are COOOLLL! I may need to copy you too. Why do we still have those burlap walls? WHY?!?!