Monday, July 26, 2010


I have never cut hair before.
Unless you count the time when I cut all the hair off of my Barbie dolls.
And as I recall, they looked pretty good--kind of punk rock chic.
So, I thought I'd give a human a try.
Lila's hair keeps falling into her eyes, so I decided to give her some bangs.
It seemed easy enough to do and I didn't feel like paying someone to cut her hair.
In all honesty, I was terrified that they would get a little scissor happy with her hard-earned locks.

This is the result:

I think they turned out alright.
She was blessed (or cursed) with my super fine hair.

She's a pretty good client.
I mean, she didn't cry or refuse to pay me.


D and C said...

I am going to kidnap her. Like, my plans are in the works. Watch out. I am on my way. She is THE. CUTEST. KID. EVER.

Valerie said...

It looks kick-a. Really, well done.

She's outrageous cute. Did she tip well?

Anonymous said...

Much better than the job I did on yours. Dang..she is so flippin' cute. And that eye rolling thing she is doing is adoreable. Her TuTu thinks she is amazing.

gaye said...

She is one good client. I would keep her because I don't think you could do anything wrong to the hair and have her turn out not adorable.
Good job, Annie, maybe you have a transferable skill here.

Rachelle said...

haha...oh she is cute!

Anonymous said...

Lila is cute, but you know what? All three of your kids are amazingly cute. People usually get an ugly one in there...but you and I are smart people....I stopped at three...didn't wan't to take any chances I would get an ugly one. Really cute kids...must be in our genes.

Blauer family said...

Super cute - you did a great job