Friday, July 23, 2010

"A Real Parent"

That's what my friend called me when I told her I was going to Jack's Kindergarten open house last night.
Keep in mind that this friend has 2 little kids and another currently cooking.
I said, Oh, and you're like, a fake mom then?
I mocked her silliness.
I laughed at her.
And then I stopped.

Whaaaaa? I'm like, a real parent now.
I signed up to volunteer at the school:
Class parent, book fair shifts, volunteer for the school walk-a-thon.
I have a PTA membership card.
I'm pretty sure that means I'm a grown-up.
A real one

When did I agree to this?
One might argue it was when I decided Ben wouldn't really cramp my style if we got hitched.
Or perhaps when I thought it would be super fun and cute to be pregnant.
And then again.
Aaaaand then again.

I can't be certain when the exact moment was.
But, I guess it's here.

The boy on his first day of school.


Valerie said...

total madness.

Michelle Judd said... get a card to be in the PTA? You are a grown up! (The pic of Lila on the side it too cute!)