Monday, August 9, 2010

Duke Monday

Friday is not a Neuro-Oncology clinic day.
So, that means we were back at Duke today to get Friday's MRI results.

After Lila's second surgery, there has always been a spot, a thing, an unidentifiable blob on her scans. They didn't know if it was something as small as a popped blood vessel, or something as big as tumor that couldn't be resected.
But it was always there.
Never changing.
Just there.

Until today.
Today it was gone.

So, all those times I said she had just a brain in her head, I may or may not have been entirely truthful.
But today, I can say with 100% assurance that she's got nothing but noodle.

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Devin & Amanda said...


Rachelle said...

and that is awesome!

Susanna said...

Awesome! She is absolutely beautiful. I wish you lived next door.

gaye said...

Awesome!! way to go Lila.

HOT said...

Go Lila!!!!! I keep putting your family's name on the prayer roll. Miracles do happen!!! Congrats! xoxox

Christa said...

I maybe just got a little choked up. Great news.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Any friend of Donna's is a friend of mine. Thanks for stopping by.

Your kids are darling!

Anonymous said...

that made the tears come. many thanks.