Monday, September 13, 2010

BugFest 2010

Saturday was the annual BugFest at the Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences.
They provided a wide variety of otherwise tasty eats that were ruined with insects.
This was my nephew, Jonah's plate:

He ate all of it. Ugh.

Lila refused to eat anything with a bug in it. Then she saw these cookies...

She had two. They contained crickets I believe.

Once the food with bugs was consumed, Jonah figured just straight up bugs would be a good idea.

Don't worry, he brought his leftover crickets, meal worms, and centipedes home to have with dinner.

Ben enjoyed the "Buggy Bready Pudding"

The worst part is that the bread pudding would have been delicious were it not for the bugs. It had a mango sauce. Mango. Call me when they have a super tasty food fest...


Valerie said...

This is a real thing? This is horrifying.

Marisa Hodges said...

Ugh, GAG, choke choke! I think I will run and hug the toilet! I can't believe your nephew ate all of that! You guys are brave and maybe a little insane with the rest of the people there!

Guy Mayhem said...

That is pure awesome. I would totally do this. I will come next year and challenge Ben to a worm eating contest. Maybe candy coated wax worms.