Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear Brooklyn

We're gonna have so much fun together, you and I.
Just like old times.
Except this time, I am doing things I have never done before.
New bodegas.
Different location of the dessert truck
J train, I'm looking at you.
It's going to be pure madness.

See you Friday.


David and Rachel said...

Oh I wish I was going with you Annie! We took a girls trip there in July and we all decided that the next time we go we should do it in the fall. I loved the Brooklyn Bridge! We walked across it at night and the view was absolutely AMAMZING! Have a great time girl!

Susanna said...

Can I come? I'm crying and it's all your fault!

Do some damage for me okay?

Shiloh said...

I can't wait. I don't think I will sleep Thursday night. It will be like Christmases of yesteryear. I am most excited about our Saturday excursions....