Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Red Robin

This Bear is named Red Robin. After the restaurant, Red Robin.
Because Lila wanted to celebrate 2 years of not growing tumors in her head with a nice bowl of Red Robin mac & cheese.
And the awesome people of the Wake Forest Red Robin thought it was pretty cool that she chose them for her celebratory lunch, so they bought her that bear.
I love Red Robin even more than I did before (which, was a lot).

Happy to be at Red Robin or Happy to be cancer free?
Hard to say.

Monday morning brought us back to Duke for a scheduled MRI.
We weren't happy about it. She can't eat, which makes her cranky and I don't eat because she can't eat, which makes me cranky.

Lucky for her, she got Ketamine, so all her cares were swept away in a delightful drug-induced euphoria.

Unfortunately, this is what happens afterward.
She was 50-50 for successfully getting the food into her mouth.

Dr. G says she looks great and he doesn't want to see her until the summer.
Sounds good to me.


Valerie said...

Are you telling me the hospital didn't have a little extra special K to make you just as happy? Bogus.

p.s. congratulations on the bear. and the remission.

Rachelle said...

oh she is so cute!

and yay for not having to go back for awhile and for not having cancer of course.

Three Little Brown Kids said...

Glad you found me.

Yeah for Lila!

okbushmans said...

Yay remission! And yay RR mac n cheese! She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest child ever. Drugged or not, she says the funniest things. I love her bunches and bunches and think all of my grandkids are the cutest kids ever.