Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Tutorial

Need an awesome gift idea?

Follow these simple steps*:

1. Go to a used book store and buy large hardcover book (political autobiographies are preferable, but any will do).
2. Take it home and start cutting.

Your living room should look something like this:

And the book should look something like this:

3. After cutting is complete, you stack a bunch of heavy crap on it for a while:

4. When the book is done, you fill it with awesome stuff like lighters, dollar store swiss army knives, etc...
5. The last and most important step: Make sure your brother-in-law takes the book in his carry-on luggage, so he gets stopped and harassed by the TSA for hiding things from the United States Government.

Congratulations. You have officially made the best gift EVER.

*for actual hollow book tutorial, go here.


gaye said...

so who was the lucky brother -in-law that took this through the airport? sounds like there is a story there.

Patrick Stevenson said...

I'm glad we're not related! Although, remind never to piss you off because this is pretty sneaky, and oh-so mean. :)

Valerie said...

This would also be a great place to store secret spy papers and fake passports and stuff.