Monday, March 7, 2011

An Ode

This is my father.
My kids call him Poppa.

He never wears cowboy hats.
It's one of the many reasons why I love this picture.
He's top notch.
Funny, but not in a "hey, look how funny I am" sort of way.
Subtly, cleverly funny.
The best kind.
He always seems genuinely interested in what I am saying or doing.
Perhaps sometimes he really isn't, but it doesn't matter because I have never felt that way.
And isn't that the point?
He's quiet.
He is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Lymphoma.
And like everything else, he's dealing with it quietly.
He also seems to be winning
But not in a Charlie Sheen way.
Classy. Not crazy.
He's my dad.
And I love him.


Valerie said...

Put us down too. For being on his side. Big time.

James will still occasionally start laughing remembering your dad telling us how to kill a snake (do you remember?--classic).

He looks good in a cowboy had, tell him to consider it long term.

Southern Belle said...

I love your dad too! He is such a great person and is definitely in our prayers!

TnAHurst said...


Even though we have yet to meet.....I love your father too! I love all of these silly Hurst men! I look up to them in ways I could never look up to my own father. They are men of Great character and I do understand why he is adored! Thanks for sharing that picture of him!

Michelle Judd said...

You describe you dad so well!