Thursday, May 5, 2011

Celebrate Good Times... C'mon

I like to celebrate birth certificates and terrorist take-downs by making jam.
So clearly, this will be my first time.
I took the kids to the strawberry patch this morning,
Had them do some hard labor,
And we came home with these beauties.

I may have eaten a few already.
I may have even eaten them directly out of the bucket after my kids picked them.

So, I'm pretty sure all you need are these,

Then throw in a little of this...
And a crap load of sugar...

And then store the finished product in these guys.

I'll tell you right now, jam, you won't be in those containers for long.
Definitely not 10 years.


Valerie said...

Those strawberries look ah-mazing. I want to eat all of them. I'm impressed they made it the jam stage. Might I suggest learning next to make homemade bread, on which to spread your homemade jam? Just a thought.

Susanna said...

I'll eat it when you do. In New York, in August, when I see you. Just giving you fair warning. I'll give you dates soon.

Ever wondered what it would taste like without all that sugar? It's not worth the risk, but I sometimes wonder.

Julie said...

SEWING pillows. COOKING jam. You mastered CLEANING probably by the age of 2. Can't wait to see what's next!

Rachelle said...

stop it! you make me laugh. um, my mom used to make us to all the hard labor of picking strawberries when we were kids. like, we each had to fill an ice cream bucket full of them! ha!

that good ole' freezer jam never lasts as long as i hope it will. make some more! :)

Marisa Hodges said...

Looks like we had the same idea i just made the same thing in the same containers last week! mmmmm... so good! We just ate some with crepes this morning!

Donna said...

YUM! Lemme get a bite!