Saturday, May 21, 2011

Six Six Six

Two things were supposed to happen today:
Jack's birthday party and the Rapture.

One of them actually did.

I had considered laying a bunch of children's outfits out all over the park and telling Jack that the kids invited to his party were all taken up to heaven.
I decided against it.
Mostly because I felt like it was a lot of work and the joke would have been lost on him anyway.

Instead, we had a monster truck party.
It was awesome.
It involved a monster truck cake.
Please note that I did not make this cake.
And yeah, I realize that if you really know me, this note isn't necessary.

Jack had a great time turning 6.
I had a great time being there.

This picture has nothing to do with the party.
Just a PSA about not letting your children walk out the back door and fall down some stairs onto a cement floor.

You're welcome.


Gail B said...

i like you

Valerie said...

It must be really hard on you that Jack is so obtuse about your higher concept jokes.

That cake looked awesome. I'm going to get James one just like it for our anniversary.

Also, your kids fall down a lot. Do you think it's possible you live in tippy houses?

Shiloh said...

that cake is awesome. I hope you got jack a tight wife-beater tank top, a pair of camo-shorts, and a baseball hat with beer bottle caps clamped around the rim to go with the cake. it only seems fitting. Do you think Jack would have wanted a monster truck cake if you still lived in NYC? Or would it have been a skinny jeans cake?