Friday, May 20, 2011


Here are me and Lila approaching the finish line at the 2011 Angels Among Us 5k.
They raised 1.8 million dollars for brain tumor research.
Not too shabby.

My thoughts are kind of all over the place today.
Mostly with a friend that I greatly admire.
But because of that, I am especially thoughtful and thankful for the series of incredible miracles that kept the little lady in the above photo with us.

We are really good at finding ways to celebrate this.
(i.e. transplantiversaries and remissionversaries)
But the amount of time that I really let myself reflect on everything that happened to allow us those celebrations is not as much as maybe it should be.

So, I guess that's what I am doing today.

Does the brain have enough room to grieve and celebrate at the same time?
I think it does.


Gaye Baker said...

tears, tears... you both are beautiful women. Yes, the heart is an amazing thing. The Big guy knows how grateful we all are for major miracles even if we don't take as much time to reflect on them. I wish I could have been in on the conversation you and Lila had pre-earth where she was telling you how hard it was going to be and you were telling her how brave she was and then you two were making your pack to kick butt together. ( At least that is what I believe.... if it isn't right don't tell me otherwise because I like my idea!)
love you both. Auntie gaye ( PS my hair looks really great ...just like yours does!!)

Valerie said...

Yeah, I think it does too.

Valerie said...

Also, this photo makes you look like a movie star in the "Star Tracks" feature in People magazine.

lindsey said...

I totally agree with Valerie, you do look like a movie star.

I think the brain and the heart both do those things. You are both so brave.

Rachelle said...

wait, why do you like so pretty in that picture? wasn't it a race? :)

so glad the 5k went well. and that lila is healthy as pie.