Thursday, June 2, 2011

Secrets, Secrets Are A Little Fun

I am working on a project.
For a friend.
Well, it's not for her exactly.
It's really for someone that she is growing.
I was going to do something else.
But for reasons I don't want to talk about,
that is not happening anymore.
Instead of being bummed about it,
which I am.
Really bummed.
I am getting excited about this one.

It involves sewing again.
Can you even believe it?

I sometimes enjoy being purposefully vague.
Don't you?


Valerie said...

You're being terribly mysterious. But your sewing looks great. You're a natural.

John Rapp said...

Secret Secrets are NO fun!
Secret Secrets... Hurt Someone.

Yodasmom said...

Your vagueness is something we have all learned to live with. Maybe it is what makes you an amazing daughter, mother, wife, friend and actress.