Monday, August 15, 2011

NYC is for Big Kids

Took a little road trip this weekend
with two of my favorite people
Kimmy and Jack.

I was going for a specific reason*, but I thought it would be an ideal situation for Jack to come along. He is tracked out of school and wouldn't take up too much space in my car.

Also, I just felt like it was time for Jack to go back to the city.

Back to riding the trains
(which, not surprisingly, was his favorite part).

Back to eating some of the best burgers in the world.
He needed to know that McDonalds is NOT in this category. I think he got the message.

Back to Coney Island
And, of course eating a Nathan's hot dog at Coney Island. Which did happen eventually.

More importantly, back to hanging out with his very first bestie.
And in true bestie form, they picked up right where they left off. Like those three years of separation never happened.
And yeah, I know, they look A LOT alike. Total coincidence, I swear.

But most importantly, I got to spend some time with Jack.
Just Jack.
And it was priceless.

*that reason is a whole other post.


James Best said...

Jack and I straight up crushed them waves. If I saw the ocean right now, I would punch it in its deep.

Valerie said...

This makes me shiver, I love it so much.

Wait, DID Jack think that McDonald's had the best hamburgers? For real? We should have eaten nothing but awesome burgers the whole time.

Yodasmom said...

He us growing up so fast. I can't wait to see him and the girls in Sept. Glad ya'll had such a good time and Jack may just know what he's talking about with the burgers. McDonald's was, after all, the road your sister took from being a vegetarian and back to beef. Disgusting I know,,,but true.

Rachelle said...

oh man, that comment under the picture with jack and james had me rolling! you are funny!

that's pretty fantastic you had a little trip with just jack. seriously, that's rad! glad you had fun!

Grandma Gale said...

He is so cute! Looks like you had so much fun! What a good mom! Wish we were closer to see all of you out that way!

Shiloh said...

oh wow, just jack, how long has it been since i heard that? anyways, pete was a fan of jack. I hope jack liked him, i can only imagine what thanksgiving would be like for him if he doesn't....