Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For Valerie

I know this girl.
She's about 5'5''.
Black hair.
Wears jeans sometimes...
(a description that her husband, James would give to the police in the event of her disappearance)
None of those things are actually true.
Except for the jeans--that's pretty accurate.
I'll tell you what is spot on about this girl:
She's smart.
She's funny.
She has no problem telling you if you're wrong
and let's get real, you probably are.
She loves The Olympics.
She's generous and gives the most thoughtful gifts.
She's an excellent hostess.
She makes amazing food.
She remembers tiny details about you
and it makes you feel really special.
She's kind.
She is genuinely interested in people and what they have to say.
She knows more about Harry Potter than you do.
She's strong
physically and mentally.
She's gracious.
She's got really cute feet.
She loves books.
She's a modern-day Jessica Fletcher.
She's beautiful.
And she's my best friend.

Happy Birthday.


Susanna said...

stop bragging. sheesh.

but let's face it, you're lucky!

Valerie said...

And a very happy one to you, too.

(see email)

James Best said...

Hey. I've adjusted my police sketch of her. We'd probably catch some girls near her height and look. Do I have to be married to them if they produce a look-a-like? Is that how the law works?

Yeah, I like Valerie, too. So there.