Friday, September 16, 2011

Myrtle Beach 2011

Truth be told, we only spent one day at the beach.
For like, maybe 30 minutes.
The sea was angry that day.
And there was no bathroom.
And my kids don't pee in the water
(not because I taught them that. I was all for them using the ocean as their toilet.)
Jack enjoyed himself even if he didn't get to Boogie Board.
He took one for the team that day,
But made up for it by making us play no less than 3 rounds of miniature golf during the course of the week.

Lila has a healthy fear of the ocean.
If healthy is straight up freaking out when a wave violates her restraining order of at least 15 feet.
I think this was after a rogue wave came and soaked EVERYTHING.
Have I mentioned that I hate sand?
And salt water?
But, I always seem to think the beach is a good idea.

This one just does her own thing.
She has no fear
Which worries me.
She also does not have the same feelings about sand that I do.
In fact, I think she ate some.

Alice and Poppa make an excellent wave frolicking duo.

Like I said, we left shortly after we arrived.
We hit up the hotel pool instead.
Some might say it was a bust.
Not me.

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Yodasmom said...

The Beach was a necessary nuisance. We were after all in Myrtle Beach. Ya'll lasted longer than I did...I went up on a deck and sat down. The kids were adoreable and we went back to the hotel pool so that we could leave the sand there instead of our rooms. I thought that was smart. You got your hate of salt water and sand from me. The only way I like salt water is if I am on a cruise ship floating on it.