Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Island Halloween

This year we hopped in the minivan and drove 12 hours to New York for Halloween.
It was one of my better decisions
for a few reasons:
The Colliers
Valerie, James, and Edie 
Sergios Pizza in Riverhead
The Hamptons
-Giant puddles in The Hamptons
-Forrest Gumping The Hamptons
Trick or Treating in Northport

Northport is charming and perfect.
Ever since I left I have been trying to come up with reasons to go back.
We had so much fun and the cousins were so happy to be together again.

Highlights of our Trick or Treating adventures:



Chicken run



1 comment:

James Best said...

I wish I could have been out with out just so I could see that chicken run.