Saturday, February 4, 2012


Ben wrote a song last summer for some dear friends of ours who had a baby girl and lost her soon after.
It was his way of showing his support and love for them, but also for processing something difficult.
Everyone has their way of dealing
and his way is music.
Fast forward to a conversation last week with another dear friend.
The content of their conversation isn't necessary to post.
However, I feel the results are.
Ben has decided to write a compilation of songs about our experience with Lila.
He's finished the first.
You can listen to it


Lyndie said...

hauntingly beautiful

Russell, Aimee and Savannah said...

Awesome! I have always wanted to be able to write music. What a gift!

Michal Thompson said...

cool! Music can do amazing things. There is a non-profit org that makes songs for kids who are sick. They are really cool.