Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Handmade Christmas

We have a Christmas tradition with Ben's siblings called "$5 Gifts". It's pretty self explanatory. There's an unwritten rule that they be handmade and/or super clever.

This year I opted for handmade only. I'll save clever for next year, I guess.
I checked out Pinterest for ideas and found a lot of DIY ornament ideas.

Cheap. Festive. Makes me look crafty.

I did a couple of different kinds. I bought a TON of clear, glass ornaments from Michael's at 50% off (thankyouverymuch) and borrowed acrylic paints from my mother in law. The process goes a little something like this: You take the metal piece off the top, drip some paint inside, swirl it around, hang it upside down to dry overnight. Done.
I got pretty daring after awhile and mixed paints, added glitter, marbled colors together... I know, I know. Calm down, Martha.
The other ones were pretty much the same idea except I used chrome spray paint, water and a hair dryer.

I decided to make some for other friends and family as well because I liked the way they turned out (for the most part).

Holiday success.


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