Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heisenberg or A Post About Cooking

 I've been cooking more.
This is just part of daily life for some... ok, most.
It's a big deal for me.
I have my reasons why I'm not into it.
I also have my reasons why I am trying to be into it now.
I didn't grow up with a home-cooked meal every night.
We ate out.
A lot.
 So, I went to college with no culinary ability whatsoever.

Here's a sampling of the things I ate:
Spaghettios with toast
Cottage cheese with seasoned salt and Ritz crackers
 Minute Rice with seasoned salt and green beans (a low point)
Pasta Roni with added frozen vegetables (health kick)
 Gross, right?
The rest of the time I was writing $3.12 checks to Wendy's.

Then I snagged a fella.
He had no idea that I lacked any sort of skill set in the kitchen.
I remember making egg salad when we were first married.
I was so proud of myself and he came home, gagged, and asked what died in our apartment.
We stuck mostly with quesadillas and peach cobbler after that.

Now I have kids.
The most critical audience ever.
When I make a meal, I feel pretty good about my standing in motherhood.
My kids are alive and I made dinner.
Nailed it.
Then they come in and ask what we're having...
"Awwwwww, I don't like (name of dinner here)."
Never fails.
Why go through all that trouble if they're just going to complain?
Bless their little honest hearts.
I can't help it, but it makes me feel kinda crappy.
However, pretty much every time I put the effort into trying something new, I am happy with the result.
So, does that mean I can cook?
I look at some of the things my friends/family make and my initial reaction is, "NO, no you cannot".
But just because I don't roll my own fresh, homemade tortillas, doesn't mean I can't bake some bad-a sweet potato enchiladas.

I'm happy with that.
For now.

*photo credit: here


Valerie said...

You made sweet potato enchiladas? Those sound amazing.

Listen lady, you can cook. Remember Jack's 2nd birthday? Best tuna casserole/cupcakes ever.

Okay, you don't live to cook. You don't LOVE spending all weekend in your kitchen slow roasting and braising and feeding your kids homemade pasta. Who the eff cares? You like to do awesome stuff, like drive to places you've never been, and go bowling, or just anything else besides what I previously described.

Just because cooking is a PART of your life instead of your WHOLE life doesn't mean you're not good at it. You're good at it.

Best tuna casserole ever.

Gaye Baker said...

Ok, I don't cook either. In fact, I have avoided cooking a turkey for almost 57 years.... easy peasy.. just make sure you are around the Howington house or Grandma's at any Turkey holiday...

BUT, I am impressed. Sweet potatoe enchiladas...I am coming to your house for dinner. I need the recipe. Please make sure it is step by step!!

Brittany Krallis Stapf said...

I had a bite of Annie's SPEnchiladas and can tell you, they were legit. Last night I took her recipe and made it for the fam. It was received well!... by Me. Kids are the worst. Keep up the culinary effort, Lady! I love your leftovers.

shiloh donkin said...

1) Valerie, I read your comment and thought you were complimenting the "tuna casserole cupcakes"...that sounds aweful, like Phebe's trifle.

2) I like your crazy supernatural ability to order food at a moment's notice. As you know, I waffle in my ordering decisions and suffer from severe food envy when the plates arrive.

3) the hard part about cooking is when you actually like to do it, and it doesn't go over well with the ones you make it for. last night I made a sundried tomato, kale and black eyed pea hash that Pete gagged down just so he could have an easter treat which turned out to be a blue peep. that is a low point friend. healthy dinner gagged on, peep delighted in. in my defense, I gagged on that peep and really enjoyed the hash, with a fried egg on top.