Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The One Where I Talk About Twilight and Then Draw A Conclusion About Myself

This is about Twilight, so stop now if you're a hater.
I'm a shameless Twilight fan.
If you know me at all, or even if you don't but you read this blog, there's plenty of evidence on here that I go to midnight showings and repeated showings and buy overpriced cups with Edward's face on them and wear t-shirts with Edward's face on them... Ok, I'm actually now starting to see how this could come across...

Whatever, judge away.
There's a ton of literary critique out there about how awful these books are and how Edward is an emotionally abusive stalker and Bella is the anti-feminist.
How are the people who spend that much time analyzing such "terrible" books any better than the ones who nerd out and buy their movie tickets a month in advance?
(Not that I would know anything about that)

Speaking of nerding out, my favorite is New Moon.
I hated Breaking Dawn the book, but actually really enjoyed Part II of the movie. 
Mostly because the movie did something for me that wasn't in the book at all.
For me, it brought everything together.

You learn in the first book that Edward can read everyone's thoughts except for Bella's.
He never knows what she's thinking.
This comes up quite a bit throughout the series.
It's particularly interesting in New Moon because she's dealing with some major emotional torment when he decides to leave her.
He can't read her mind, so he doesn't know what he's putting her through.
I mean, he eventually finds out, gets the idea, feels bad, blah blah blah.
But he never really knows.
We, as readers, know so much about Bella because the books are in first person.
We get a complete picture of what she's thinking and saying.
But if you listed her thoughts vs. what she actually speaks, the disparity would be huge.

At the end of Breaking Dawn Part Deux they are sitting in a field.
Bella is full-on vampire with a special gift of protecting her loved ones from other vampire "talents" that could cause them physical or mental harm.
She can project a shield over them.
As she hones this ability, she also learns to project images and feelings.
So, at the end of the movie she decides to project everything she's ever felt and thought to Edward. 
In like, a minute or so, he knows how their whole relationship developed from her perspective.
He gets a pure understanding of exactly how happy he's made her, but also, he can clearly see how she handled the time when he wasn't there.
And I think it's really important for him to see both.
So that he can truly understand the impact of his actions and decisions. 
The good and the bad.
From her point of view.
  Because anyone who's seen or read Twilight knows, Bella is not so good with her words (and coincidentally, or possibly not coincidentally at all, neither is K Stew).
So, yeah, this was the perfect ending for me.

I guess I liked it so much because I often feel like I am not a good communicator.
First of all, my neutral face is angry.
So even if I'm totally fine, I look pissed or at the very least, completely disinterested.
Secondly, I have trouble controlling my face.
If I dislike something, it shows up on my face before I even realize it and then, Boom--My face just sold me out.
Third, I am verbally deficient.
I either can't say aloud what is in my head, I try to say it and it's all wrong, or I think of the perfect thing to say about 3 days later and the moment has long since passed.
If I could have a superpower, I'd choose hers.
Protecting the people I love and being able to communicate without screwing it all up with my words (and face...)
Yes please.
Either that, or like, time travel.


Brittany Krallis Stapf said...


Valerie said...

I love this.

1.)Those haters can eat our shorts. There's nothing anti-feminist about a good story, well told.

2.)New Moon is my favorite (movie), too. I like Edward's absence, how much opposition it causes, how it can be felt as strongly as his presence.

3.)I think I know what you mean, about wanting to be able to get someone to understand EXACTLY what you feel. Words are fine, but sometimes just not big enough.

Like, for example, how do you describe what a book/movie series has meant to you? The happy and sad, the silly and the wistful? Something that has spanned such an important chunk of time. There are words, but they just don't seem enough.

This, though, this gets close.

D and C said...

Is it bad that I stalk you and Valerie? Like Edward style? Like, I may be watching you right now. slightly kidding...
Anyways, I love this post. It helped me better understand the movies in general. I LOVE the books and I LOVE the movie, but I think what REALLY draws me to this series is the love between Bella and Edward. Not so much the drama behind it, but IT in general. I didn't really get the ending part of her vision. Now I do. Because of you. Thanks. Oh, and p.s. Can I be your friend?

Shiloh said...

1) when you said your neutral face is angry, I laughed out loud
2) part two of breaking dawn was really great and really did do what the book failed to. you just put words to what I felt about the ending. it was perfect for me.
3) how about you and Val come to my house, we can channel the inner twilight of the NW and sit on my comfy bed and talk about it all night while while making Andy walk around alternating between jacob and edward masks.
4) great post, best post I have read all week

Shiloh said...

also, after reading your post last night, and realizing I had an evening to myself (Andy is working late, tax season and all) I decided to buy Part II on Amazon digital instant video, and while I will miss out on the extras on the DVD, I did get instant gratification of microwave popcorn and girl movie on demand. thanks for giving me something to do last night.

Christa said...

My neutral face is also angry.

I've had multiple strangers stop me on the street and tell me to cheer up or smile because it's a beautiful day. Dude, I know. I'm happy. I just have an angry face.