Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Saturdays

We have a 30 year old house.
The previous owners did some major upgrades to the master bath and kitchen.
Those two rooms pretty much sold us the house.
That, and the chandelier in the living room.
And the huge yard.
And the fact that it feels far away from "suburbia".

Anyway, the house still needs a lot of work.
Ben and I made a list recently of the "short term projects" (translation: doable) and the "long term projects" (translation: expensive).
We have been dedicating the last few Saturdays to some doable projects.
It's been great.  
It allows us to spend time together as a family.
It makes me more comfortable in my home.
Makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.
These things make me happy.

So far we've:
Painted the living room
Finished installing can lights in the downstairs hallway
Changed out some hardware on an old table
Cleaned out our garage (took an entire day--it was bad, but now it looks fab)
Painted the guest bathroom (in progress). 
They painted the ceiling the same color as the walls.
Plus it's an ugly color and they did a terrible job.

 This side of the living room was already this color.  We liked it, but they only painted one wall. We slapped another coat on this side...
And then painted the opposite wall too.
It made a huge difference. 
Also, these pictures are terrible.  
My apologies.
Oh, just come over and see for yourself.

This little table belonged to Ben's grandma.  
It used to have these gold, dangly, scalloped kind of pulls on them. 
You know what I mean, your grandma's style.
I just swapped them out for these simple handles and it has changed my whole relationship with this table.

Now we just need to:
Finish scraping ceilings (popcorn ceilings are the devil)
Paint the exterior
Landscape the front and back yard
Replace every window (particularly the broken one)
Update the upstairs bathrooms
Stain the deck... rebuild the deck
Build a sun room

Next Saturday?


D and C said...

first of all I LOVE that color. are such a tease. I want a tour damnit.

Brittany Krallis Stapf said...

Broken window first. The neighbors are starting to talk behind your back..

annie said...

Deanna, when all my little projects are done, I promise a tour. I can't disappoint my fans...
Brittany, what else is new?

Shiloh said...

these are the kind of "to do" lists I wish I had....but I don't, also, your house looks nice, can I move in? Can my kids and Andy join me? if not, its not a deal breaker for me.