Thursday, March 14, 2013

Real or Not Real?

I have started reading The Hunger Games again.
I enjoy rereading all of my favorite book series.
I mean, who didn't stay out until midnight for the last HP book, ignore their family all weekend, read the last page of The Deathly Hallows, close the cover, and then immediately pick up Sorcerer's Stone and start over...

I try to focus on a different theme or relationship each time I read or even watch the movie versions.
 (Am I right, Twilight?)
In that case, disastrous hair and makeup were a theme for one of my 10 viewings.

I have a special place in my heart for The Hunger Games books.
This will be my 3rd or 4th go at them I believe.
This time, I am particularly looking forward to getting into Mockingjay.
I am fascinated by Peeta in this book.

How can someone who is so sure of his feelings and so unwavering in his loyalty be convinced it's all untrue? 
That everything was a lie?
Unsure of what is real or not real?
I mean, we know how.
But how?

If it can happen to Peeta, it can happen to any of us, right?
If we listen to enough noise and chatter, we can all be swayed into believing something that we once thought could never be true.
Or to stop believing in what you knew was fact. 
The hard part is deciphering what the wrong kind of noise is. 

If we don't have a foundation in something, we are all susceptible to "brainwash".
 Just like our boy, Peeta.
Maybe not quite as dramatically.
Perhaps not with torture.
But we can be pulled from our foundation.
That foundation can be a lot of things, I suppose.
Whatever is truth to you.
Philosophy. Science. Religion.
Family. Friends. Relationships.
Subjective or objective.
Relative or absolute.
It's yours.
You can't let any of the noise shake your foundation.
But, if for some reason it does, you can always fight your way back.

I mean, Peeta did it.
And he's the real hero of the story.


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Valerie said...

This is nice. Interesting. A good story should change every time we return to it. A good story will grow with us, I think.

Also, the idea that Peeta is the true hero is really interesting. I don't know that I agree, but, yeah, it's interesting.