Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wish List

It feels like a lot has happened to me as of late.
Some good--well, fine I guess, whatever.
And some not so good.  
Upon closer inspection, there has actually been a lot happening around me
not necessarily to me.
On the one hand, I am grateful.
I have my family,
my health,
a few solid, loyal friendships,
my hair is longer than it's ever been (it swings in a ponytail--swings)
and as I've mentioned before, I don't love change.
So, seems like a win.
But at the same time, I don't like being dormant
or feeling helpless or useless
and I'm feeling a little bit sedentary while everything else just... Happens.

If you know me at all, you know I love a good list.

Here's one of some things I'd like to do*:
Get my MFA in Directing
Lose a few pounds or cough... 30... cough
Go to nursing school
Learn an instrument
Move back to NYC
Be in a play on Broadway
Be in a play in Raleigh
Learn to cook
Run a marathon
Move to L.A. and get steady acting work
Travel the world
Run for local office
Be a detective
Make a quilt
Start a foundation

 *Not necessarily a realistic listLearn to cook?  Pssshhhhh.



James Best said...

I want you to be able to do all of these things. This is an hour away from you.


Julie said...

I think I can help you with the quilt one. Your on your own for the rest - although, I would travel the world with you and be your take-along babysitter :)

Southern Belle said...

Hey Annie:) I totally know you will do all those things! I noticed you said you wanted to lose weight, which caught my attention, because I am really into helping people get in shape, with exercise and nutrition. I have seen many friends use this 24 day challenge through Advocare and lose a lot of weight quickly and then keep it off. Jeff and I are trying it and are on day 11 right now. We didn't have a ton of weight to lose but wanted to get six packs! Jeff has never had a 6 pack even when he played 3 sports in high school and when he played in college. He now has a 4 pack for the first time! It works so well. Here is a link:


Most of all it is just a really specific well-laid out plan and you are eating every 2-3 hours so you are never hungry!It is totally healthy. Anyway, sorry to go on and on... I love reading your blog and love your cute little kids! Good luck with all your goals!