Friday, April 5, 2013

Ode to Toms

I love my Toms.
First of all, I love the idea that by buying a pair of shoes for myself, I am getting a pair of shoes for someone who can't afford them.
 Such a cool business model--well played, Tom.
Besides that, they are comfy and cozy and versatile--although, I tried to wear them with a dress once and got vehemently reprimanded.
I've had people tell me they are ugly and arguably they're right, but I think my Toms are lovely even though they can acquire a smell.
Pinterest told me to put a tea bag in each shoe overnight as a natural deodorizer and I generally do whatever Pinterest tells me to.

 These are my first pair.
I wore a hole in them in less than a year with my giant, lightbulb-shaped big toe and then just kept wearing them as though I didn't have a closet full of less completely ghetto looking shoes.
The insole has been distorted into a funky shape and they don't fit my feet as comfortably anymore.

These are my new(er) ones.
I really liked the red ones, but the grey ones are pretty great too.
Some Uses for Toms:
When I wake up late and everyone is scrambling trying to get out the door and I'm still in my pajamas but have to get Jack to school: Toms.
When I am walking to the park with the girls or going to Jack's soccer game but it's still not quite flip flop weather: Toms.
When I'm going to the mall and I know I'm going to try stuff on and have to take my shoes off a million times: Toms.
When I'm cleaning my house and don't want to be barefoot because the crumbs on my dirty floor will stick to my feet: Toms.
I'm nothing if not loyal, so I will have a pair of Toms for the rest of time.
But never the glittery ones.



Valerie said...

the weird thing is, I love toms on other people (like you), but I don't like them on myself. I totally get the appeal. And, yes, you are nothing if not loyal.

also, I kind of like the sparkly ones. is that lame?

Shiloh said...


you would like the sparkly ones. And I say "you would" like "YOOOOU WOOOOOOULDDD".


My red ones look quite a bit worse that your red ones. Should I be ashamed that I still wear them? I mean, some little kid in Africa probably still would. That is my thinking.

That being said, I have been on the lookout for a second pair, a backup pair, because anyday, the red ones will disintigrate. I am thinking the southwest-y indian looking ones.

Valerie (again),

why no toms? not even the espadrilles? I don't think I have ever seen a tom on your feet, so I am having a hard time imagining...though when I think of your general foot wear....I don't really see a Tom like shoe....I mostly see sandals.

skumar said...

i have the glittery ones...jerk.

Michal Thompson said...

i just got my first pair, i love them too.