Thursday, May 9, 2013

Apathy Caveat

I've decided to come clean.
There's an exception to my last post.
There are some "things" that I am completely apathetic toward.
But in my defense, it's not because I am a heartless monster and I am not someone who advocates apathy generally.
It's because I have been one to care too much for too long and have been sucked dry of caring.
Did you know that you can reach the bottom of your care well?
You can.
I am of the belief that when you willingly serve and are serving with love, your care well is constantly replenishing itself.
There is no end to what you can do for others.
However, when people only take and take (aaaaand take) from your care well, it will eventually run out for them.
And then, I guess, they have a choice to make.
They can keep scraping and digging and trying to (unsuccessfully) get just a little bit more from you or they can dump you and move on to the next available well.
The awesome thing about this is that it doesn't matter to you what choice they make.
You literally have no feeling about it anymore.
I know what some of you are thinking: 
Wait, is that awesome?
You may argue it's not and you may have a valid point.
But, I would then argue that I think apathy can be given as a gift.
The ability to avoid the pain that others try to inflict upon us.
And then you would agree (or not) and then we would (hopefully) move on.

I am also apathetic toward:
 Star Trek
Organic produce
The latest dance craze
Pictures of your half eaten dinner
Mad Men
So, yeah, I am a worrier.  Except when I'm not.


Valerie said...

No, dude, I think it's a good thing. I think it's a great thing. When you can just see that something is a leach on your life, and you can see it with a sense of detachment, that a good thing. A smart thing. A healthy thing. A survival thing.

Unless you're talking about me, in which case, COME BACK, I'M NOT A LEACH! I'LL BUY YOU A DR PEPPER. I GIVE!

Brittany Krallis Stapf said...

I think when the Pain/Anger phase begins to subside, Apathy starts to take over. And I fully believe it IS a blessing. (In fact, I could write an obnoxious amount on the ways I've witnessed this as a blessing in my life and seen it in others). Then, maybe, someday waaaaaaaahaaaaaaaayyyy down the road, a Pure Love phase can replace the Apathy. I've heard anyway. Don't know a whole lot about that... I have a few people in the Apathy category and a few more I hope to place there in the near future. And then, Freedom?

Kresta said...

This is an awesome approach that I needed to hear today. Now to work on blessing some things (and people) with the gift of my apathy...

James Best said...

I've reread this a few times and thought about it. I agree with the comments and I believe there's an emotional breaking point that has to be built in. An apathy emergency valve.

Or else we could keep gaining in feeling. The intensity would keep building and building. It would be like being set on fire and not being able to pass out from the pain. The pain would only build and never crescendo.

Apathy has been given a bad label but I think your post makes a good point. We need this shut off switch. It's built in. If it wasn't, bad things would happen.

Christa said...

Fireworks?! This makes me sad. Come, we should watch some together. It will be romantic. Because I think fireworks are romantic.