Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eight is Great

Jack turned 8 yesterday.
That means I have an 8 year old and I just don't think I'm mentally prepared for that. 
I mean, too late I guess.
But really, I'm too young, right?
This past weekend he had a slumber party with a few friends.
It was a Star Wars theme and those boys had a great time.
It wasn't hard. 
I mean, they totally kept themselves entertained.
I made Light-sabers out of pool noodles and duct tape and I facilitated in the dinner and dessert process, but really I think that's it.
I've had the conversation with a couple of people since that night that I'm not a "sleepover mom".
I think it's a thing.
And I don't possess the skill or trait or whatever the "thing" is.
 It's possible there's some kind of cool gene that makes you a sleepover mom.
I just didn't get it.

Either way, birthday party: check

Yesterday was the actual day.
We had a small party at grandma's house with pizza and milkshakes.
There was a money tree involved and it blew his little 8 year old mind.

Tonight, he accompanies me to Cub Scouts where I will be his Master.
Mwahahahaha--He can never escape me telling him what to do.
In a few, short weeks he will be baptized.
The kid who used to cry every time he heard the word and said he would NEVER do it because he would not have someone push him underwater.
Now he's ready.
He's excited.

He's a good kid.
A sweet, sensitive, helpful, hilarious kid.
Who can drive me crazy at times.
Only because we are so similar.
 Happy Birthday, Jackaroo.
Love you.


Julie said...

Really, really sweet post. Even sweeter kid.

Brittany Krallis Stapf said...

Jack, you are a very cool 8 year old. And Annie, those boys had the time of their lives. In fact I know of a kid who was so desperate to go to a Howington Sleepover, he had a tooth pulled at the dentist, went home and packed and then headed straight to the party and almost cried the next day when it was time to go. So yeah, you kind of nailed it.