Tuesday, May 28, 2013

History 101

It's Tuesday.
Ben is currently on his way home from a meeting in D.C.
He found out at the end of last week that he needed to be there today.

Rewind tape exactly 5 years.
(wave your arms Wayne and Garth style: dodalado dodalado)
Ben found out on Friday that he had to be in D.C. for a meeting on Tuesday.
Wednesday evening we took Lila to the hospital...
and the rest is history.

I'm sufficiently creeped out.
Hope* you are too.

* please note: I don't really hope you are creeped out. 

1 comment:

Brittany Krallis Stapf said...

A simple explanation of the DC-Tuesday-Horrible News Triangle would have been sufficient excuse to reschedule the meeting. Clients always understand this triangle and comply. I think they teach that at business school.