Monday, June 17, 2013

DC Weekend

We made a bit of a last minute decision to go to DC two weekends ago.
Ben's parents were playing host to a quasi-distant relative, Nathan (who is totally awesome and my kids just fell in love with him) and we decided to tag along.
It was quick--left Saturday morning and came home Sunday evening, but it was jam-packed with awesome.

I am a huge fan of the American History Museum. I could have spent days in there.
Sadly, it was the last place we went on Sunday, so the kids were done and we needed to get home.
But I will go back again and take my sweet time.

WWII Propaganda posters.  The whole exhibit of Americans at war was super fascinating.

This is only my second time actually spending any time in DC and not just stopping at a Cafe Rio (which, of course, we did get and it was ah-mazing) on my way to NY or finishing a Ragnar and wanting to get the hell outta there and take a nap.
Saturday was the museum day: Natural History and Air and Space Museums.
Sunday was the monument/memorial day (plus the American History Museum).

The memorials are kind of hard to describe.  
They are just beautiful, special, reverent places.

The WWII Memorial is probably my favorite.  
My Grandpa Hurst was a paratrooper, so I snapped this picture for my dad.

We represented Texas and Idaho for both my Grandpas. 
There was a grumpy kid in pretty much every photo, but I swear, overall they had a great time.

There were times when I felt like we were just dragging the kids around and wondering what we were thinking.  They would have been content to stay at the hotel and swim and basically said as much.
But there were also moments, like when Jack would start spouting off a bunch of facts about the Hope Diamond or enthusiastically take pictures of the White House or the Washington Monument with his "phone" (my old iPhone) to show his class. When Lila would ask why there were a bunch of names on a wall or why we were looking at a giant American Flag with holes in it.
Any time I had a chance to explain the importance of something, or they seemed interested in what we were looking at, it made the trip feel totally and completely worthwhile.


 Plus, any amount of time I get to spend with my favorite people is time well spent.
No matter where we are.

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