Tuesday, July 9, 2013



Last Saturday was Jack's baptism.
His Tutu, Papa, Aunt Sarah, & Cousin Bella came from Texas to see it which was awesome and also the only thing my kids would talk about for almost 2 months.

1. Father and son
2. The obligatory before and after
3. The Colliers decided to come down and surprise Jack at the baptism.  This was the moment he saw Max for the first time at the church that morning.
4. Jack and his bestie Ian (and one of their super cool dads).  Ian was an excellent mentor.  You know, having been baptized 5 months before makes you kind of an expert on the whole thing.
5. The one photo I got of the three of us.  Ugh.  I failed at the picture taking.
 Jack was insistent upon wearing a suit that day. Translation: Friday night we went out and bought him a suit.  It was well worth it.  He looks sharp, amiright?
Family and friends who are just as good as family--Truly, I don't think this day could have been any better (except, you know, if I took more pictures). 


Valerie said...

I love that he had a sense for the fitness of things. Baptism is a solemn occasion, and solemn occasions certainly require a suit.

That kid has it figured out.

Congratulations to you all, lady. You look wonderful.

House of Tong said...