Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Where I Talk About Stuff

This kid has got some skills.  I just get more impressed by him week after week.  He's focused.  He listens.  He's passionate and supportive of his team.  His coach is a dream come true.  I think we've found the perfect place for Jack to grow and develop as a player (as long as it's what he's interested in.  I realize 8 year old boys don't have it all figured out just yet).

Yellow Day at Brassfield a couple of weeks ago.
This is the first year they have acknowledged September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and participated in some way.  There is one boy that I'm aware of that goes to Jack and Lila's school and is undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumor.  I feel like we get a lot of opportunities through the year to recognize how blessed we've been.  I'm appreciative of that and try to take advantage of them all.  It's probably a bit annoying to some people I know, on the Facebook particularly, but I also could not care less.

 I went to Boston recently to see my best gal.  She had an unfortunate accident that left her with a broken ankle she was unable to put any weight on for several weeks.  So, naturally, I went to "help out".  I helped her by eating her food and sitting on her couch and watching movies and staring at her adorable toddler a whole bunch.  I mean, what are friends for?  We decided during this trip that if there were a zombie apocalypse, we would be completely screwed seeing as neither one of us is currently at peak physical condition. We also got to discuss just how awesome of a movie The Village really is.  I'd say the trip was a complete success.

 The weather is turning Fall-y and this makes me super happy.  I am generally pretty grumpy and uncomfortable these days, but I'm hoping the weather will turn things around for this ginormous, waddling body of mine.  Either way, it's perfect weather for hiking with giant sticks and feeding ducks and practicing your balancing skills.  Just ask these guys.

I'm trying to enjoy my final weeks with three and simultaneously prep us all for a new family member.  The kids seem really excited.  I have successfully convinced them that they will be taking care of her once she comes.  That my work will be done and I will get to sleep all day while they feed her and change her and play with her.
 Kids... adorable little dummies.


Britany said...

There are so many things to love about this post. Lila's adorable face. Alice's adorable face. Your adorable pregnant self, and the fact that you are the only person who doesn't make that seem like an oxymoron. Jack's rise to Beckham fame (hopefully without the Spice Girls). And, most importantly, the proper use of "could not care less" instead of the common and horrendously incorrect "could care less."

Brittany Krallis Stapf said...

Adorable little dummies indeed.