Monday, March 24, 2014

Sharing Talents

I am surrounded by talented people.
I love it.
I have friends and family that can do amazing things.
They can draw, paint, sing, play instruments, dance, make jewelry, sew, cook, speak other languages, photograph, design, build, write poetry, speak eloquently, have a keen sense of style, create something out of nothing, the list goes on and on.

I am not super talented.
I like to think that I'm like Albert Einstein. 
You know, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."
The main difference here being that he was a genius.
This isn't a woe is me post at all, but I really can't do any of the things I listed above. 
There are, however, things that I do well. 
I maybe just wouldn't consider any of them marketable skills.
Here's some stuff I can do:

Binge watch a TV show
Decipher soda brands by smell alone
Make sarcastic comments
Get what I need at Target and then 20 more things
Apply a movie or TV quote to any occasion
Drive, talk on the phone, eat, and scold children simultaneously
Load a dishwasher with precision 
Not vomit (18 years and counting)
Be a source of an unhealthy amount of pop culture
Control my eyes independently
Consume large quantities of soda
Memorize song lyrics
Pick things up with my toes
Write lists

I have often attempted to cultivate a new skill.
But I'm kind of lazy, so if I'm not immediately amazing at something, I tend to bail.
I'd rather "sharing talent" mean that you gave some of yours to people who are lacking.

I can't do this either.


lindsey said...

I wish we could meet in real life. I think we may get along great.

annie said...

Agreed. We're just besties that haven't met yet.

James Best said...

So I've been thinking about this post. And you're wrong. You are talented. I've seen your talents. You're good and you're just not really utilizing them right now.

And that's just acting. You have other talents. But let's just focus on this one as a focal point.

Now that it isn't being exercised is either your fault or not at all your fault. I have no idea what your day to day schedule is and when you can find time for those things. My guess is the energy to schedule and work out time to do it is a little too much at this point in your life.

So you can give yourself a break. You just had another kid. You have three more. You've been a little busy using non-performance talents.

But I will say this. When I'm just whiling away my hours on entertainment instead of doing something/creating something, I have to decide whether I'm really 'tired' and I need a 'rest' or if I'm being too permissive with my free time. If I'm letting time slip past I could use for the talents I know I've been given.

So yeah. I call bull. You're talented. And either you'll find the time or the season to use those talents.

annie said...

James, thanks man. It is a kind of weird time in my life where I stay really busy, but very little of that busy-ness is my own.
As I think about what is the next big thing for Annie, I'm not sure if it's revisiting talents that have been lying dormant for years or discovering new ones.